Sebastian Misiurek is an architect, designer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He has spent the better part of a decade working on and managing projects across many fields and scales including architecture, interiors, installations, products and furniture. He believes digital 3D development of innovative ideas is integral to every project and supports the realization and execution of thoughtful and tangible solutions for clients.

He is the Co-Founder and Design Partner of Simplus a New York City based design practice founded in 2014. Simplus strives to create unique objects, experiences, spaces, and ideas that blend craft with modern innovation. As a multi-disciplinary practice, Simplus takes on design projects both large and small.

Sebastian has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute, where he is a Visiting Professor and the Assistant Director of the Digital Futures Group. He leads a teaching initiative of workshops that cover digital and parametric modeling, visualization, and fabrication for architects and designers.